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Summer relaxation ...Teacher-Style

So, if I were to ask you what is your absolute favorite thing about summertime, what would you say?There really is nothing like summer vacation. Especially if you're a teacher, right?  We look forward to the slow days of summer to relax, catch up on reading some good books, and basically enjoy time outside our classroom walls before we have to put on our game face in August. You know you love this time of the year, all you hardworking teachers out there!

There's nothing like basking in the sun and enjoying my time in the amazing Lake Tahoe south shore. Although I've traveled a couple hundred miles to enjoy this much needed and desired time away from work, my mind is still lured back to my sweet little room within the confines of an even sweeter school community in the city of Cupertino, California. My classroom. It's just the best.

During summer, I'm thinking of how I can make next year the best possible for my kiddos. Does that cross your mind too? The one who is worried about second grade math... The child wondering if she'll make any new friends this year. The student who hopes to impress me with the number of books he read this summer plus his amazing knowledge of multiplication AND a dash of division. Oh, my sweet little cups of sunshine....they bring me so much joy. I SO want to bring my best on DAY 1 of the new school year. What concerns are buzzing through your head right now?

Yes, we teachers absolutely cherish our summers. We're grateful for the time to reboot. However, for most of us, we just can't turn off the teacher switch when summer is upon us. We don't store it away for a couple of months like we do our winter coats. Not because we can't turn it off. We choose not to. We are teachers. We teach. And we can't turn that off.

As I sit here looking at this amazing lake, watching the boats buzz by, enjoying the sounds of my kids playing on the warm, sandy beach, I appreciate that I'm also tinkering with new ideas in my imagination, making plans and developing little crystals of ideas for the coming year.  I think to myself how fortunate I am that I can call myself a teacher.

I'd love to hear how you're recharging this summer and making plans for the new school year. Let me know in the post below! I have a a couple things in my shop that may help you get ready for the new school year. Check it out.
Above all, my hope is for you to relax and soak up your well-earned time off!

Happy sunshine,


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